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Paws Forever by Maureen Melvin

Following the success of "Paws for Thought", "Paws Again" an…


Paws for Pasta by Maureen Melvin

Illustrated by Geoff Crook Abigail is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. As a six…


Amazing Adventures of Superboo

This delightful book will take you on a journey with Superboo through her amazin…


Paws for Thought

A Classic re-issue of popular poems written by a CKCS aged six.  Abigail ha…


Paws Again by Maureen Melvin

Abigail once more chronicles the diversity and drama of a dog's life. Beauti…


Ever Your Affectionate Florrie

Rare and much loved book, "Ever Your Affectionate Florrie"  …