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Tricolour Clock

A battery operated clock measuring approximately 190mm square featuring a beauti…


Flower Girls Clock

Design exclusive to Cavalier Matters. Measures approx. 190 x 190mm.


Toile Effect Clock

Another exclusive to Cavalier Matters Gift Shop, this clock features two Cavalie…


Beach Boys Clock

Our newest range for 2014 is the 'Beach Boys' painting, donated by artis…


Four Seasons Flower Clock

Another exclusive-to-Cavalier-Matters design, our four seasons range lends itsel…


Cavalier Canoodles Clock

Make time for romance with the Cavaliers Canoodling at Sunset. This lovely li…


Bohemian Beauties 190mm Clock

These Beauties will grace any wall in your home!  Clock hands design m…


Cavalier Waiting Clock

This little Cavalier is watching the minutes go by as he patiently waits. Thi…


Cavalier Ticking Sweethearts Clock

This charming design will add a bit of romance into your life, these naughty lit…